A Guide to Christmas Lights on Monterey Peninsula

A Guide to Christmas Lights on Monterey Peninsula

  • Canning Properties Group
  • 11/28/23

A Guide to Christmas Lights on Monterey Peninsula

As winter arrives on the Monterey Peninsula, the streets begin to come alive with the enchanting glow of Christmas lights, casting a warm and festive spell here on the Peninsula. Whether you're strolling through the historic streets of Carmel or Monterey, admiring the oceanfront lights of Pacific Grove, or basking in the luxury of Pebble Beach, there's no shortage of holiday cheer. As the holiday approaches and folks get out the decorations, put up their trees and get lights on the house, join us on a luminous journey through some of the best places to see Christmas lights and immerse yourself in the magic of the season.



Carmel-by-the-Sea transforms into a storybook town during the holidays, and its Christmas lights add an extra touch of magic. The streets, adorned with twinkling fairy lights, create a romantic and festive ambiance. Don't miss the elaborate displays at Devendorf Park and the charming boutiques along Ocean Avenue, where every storefront becomes a canvas for holiday creativity.

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Mission Fields in Carmel: 

The Mission Fields neighborhood in Carmel transforms into a winter wonderland during the holiday season making it a cherished destination for families, and a true gem in the community as it comes together to celebrate the holidays. The warmth, elegance, and genuine spirit of the season are woven into the very fabric of this Carmel neighborhood creating a magical experience for all who visit. Families find not just beautifully adorned houses but a sense of belonging and shared joy that defines the true meaning of the holidays. Children experience the magic of the season right in their own neighborhood here, fostering a sense of community and shared joy. Taking an evening stroll through Mission Fields during the holidays is a beloved local tradition. Families, friends, and visitors come to experience the festive atmosphere, enjoying the play of lights and the cozy feel of the area.


Carmel Valley: 

Every year, Carmel Valley Village hosts "Christmas in the Village" with tree lighting, caroling, and holiday cheer. The village has a cozy, welcoming atmosphere during the entire year, but it really comes to life during the holiday season. The Christmas tree lighting in Carmel Valley is a festive and community-driven event that takes place on the first Saturday of December, and adults and children alike will delight in the December 9th fly-in helicopter arrival of Saint Nicholas - an exciting and memorable event for all who attend


Pacific Grove:

Pacific Grove, with its scenic coastline, adds a unique touch to Christmas lights. Take a stroll along Ocean View Boulevard, where lights reflect on the water creating a picturesque scene. The historic downtown, bedecked with holiday lights, also offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere for a festive evening.


Candy Cane Lane: 

One of the most cherished traditions on the Monterey Peninsula is the transformation of Pacific Grove's magical Candy Cane Lane during the holiday season. This enchanting neighborhood comes alive with festive lights, whimsical decorations, and a joyous spirit that captures the essence of the holidays. Residents along Candy Cane Lane go all out with their holiday decorations. Expect to see everything from classic wreaths and twinkling lights to creative, larger-than-life displays that bring smiles to both children and adults. Each house on Candy Cane Lane tells its own unique holiday story. From classic winter wonderlands to whimsical Santa's workshops, the creativity of the residents knows no bounds. It's a true testament to the community's festive spirit. What sets Candy Cane Lane apart is the strong sense of community participation. Neighbors often coordinate their decorations, creating a harmonious and immersive experience for all who visit. The best way to experience Candy Cane Lane is on foot. Families bundle up and take leisurely strolls, soaking in the festive atmosphere. The soft glow of lights, the crisp winter air, and the sound of laughter create a memorable experience.

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Pebble Beach:

Pebble Beach, known the around the world for its challenging golf courses, luxury homes and awe inspiring grandeur, does not disappoint when it comes to holiday lights. Visitors and guests are invited to delight in the dazzling decorations on display at The Lodge at Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay which are adorned with elegant scenes that create a sophisticated and festive ambiance. Enjoy taking a leisurely drive along the famed 17-Mile Drive and experience the natural beauty, incredible views and exclusive charm of Pebble Beach during the holiday season.


Monterey's Waterfront:

Monterey's waterfront dazzles with holiday lights, turning Cannery Row into a radiant spectacle. The city's Christmas in the Adobes event allows you to step back in time and experience historic adobes bathed in the soft glow of traditional holiday lights. The Custom House Plaza hosts a dazzling tree-lighting ceremony, marking the official start of the season.

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Christmas in the Adobes, Monterey: 

While not a residential neighborhood, Monterey's historic adobes light up during the annual Christmas in the Adobes event. Each adobe, dating back to the city's Spanish and Mexican periods, is adorned with traditional holiday decorations, offering a unique and historical holiday experience.

Monterey's adobes are historic buildings that harken back to California's early days, reflecting the state's Spanish, Mexican, and early American periods. Christmas in the Adobes provides an opportunity to explore these historic structures, each with its own story to tell. The adobes are adorned with festive decorations, bringing the holiday spirit to life in a historical setting. This might include traditional holiday greenery, lights, and other seasonal embellishments. Visitors can often enjoy live entertainment, including music and performances, adding to the festive atmosphere. The entertainment may vary from one adobe to another. To enhance the historical experience, some participants, including guides and performers, might be dressed in period costumes, providing a glimpse into Monterey's rich past.

Christmas in the Adobes is typically a ticketed event, with the proceeds often going towards the preservation and maintenance of these historic structures.


In the heart of the California coast, the Monterey Peninsula transforms into a winter wonderland during the holiday season. Whether you're drawn to the fairy-tale charm of Carmel, the coastal elegance of Pacific Grove, the luxury illumination of Pebble Beach, or the waterfront sparkle and adobes of Monterey, there's a luminous experience waiting for you. Gather your loved ones, sip on hot cocoa, and embark on a magical journey through the radiant holiday spirit that adorns our picturesque communities. May the warmth of the season fill your hearts with joy and festive delight.

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