Laguna Seca Auto Races

Laguna Seca Auto Races

  • Canning Properties Group
  • 03/30/21

Live life in the fast lane by experiencing a race at the Laguna Seca Raceway! Branded officially as the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, this iconic Monterey racetrack was originally a lake, inspiring the name laguna seca—“dry lagoon.” Today, race fans flock from all over the country to experience the thrilling sport of auto racing.

The Track

Laguna Seca’s racetrack is paved and used for both auto and motorcycle racing, though auto racing is considered the main attraction. The track itself was constructed in 1957 and spans 2.238 miles, with a 180-foot change in elevation. Laguna Seca is known for its iconic Corkscrew, the sharpest of 11 turns which plunges the driver downhill.

Monterey Sports Car Championship

The most notable of the Laguna Seca races are the Monterey Sports Car Championship, a sports car race held by the International Motor Sport Association, and the IndyCar Monterey Grand Prix, an American Indy car race. Typically held in September, the Monterey Sports Car Championship is considered the premier sports car race in America—sports cars are known for their two seats and enclosed wheels, often used in endurance races like the 24-hour Le Mans. Historically, the Monterey Sports Car Championship Race was part of the famed American Le Mans Series but merged with the Rolex Sports Car Series in 2014.

IndyCar Monterey Grand Prix

Fans travel from all over the world to attend the thrilling Monterey Grand Prix, which was held at Laguna Sea from 1960 to 2004 before its triumphant return in 2019, now part of the IndyCar Series. Drivers race Indy cars—American open-wheel single-seater cars that are similar in appearance to Formula One vehicles. The “Indy car” name caught on due to the popularity of the Indianapolis 500, leading to all American Championship circuit cars being referred to with this name.

The IndyCar Monterey Grand Prix is often held toward the end of the season, which raises the stakes—often, this is the race that decides it all. The Monterey Grand Prix is famous for hosting legendary driver Mario Andretti’s final race prior to his 1994 retirement. Many of these drivers have also been thwarted by the daunting corkscrew turn—including Alex Zanardi, who in 1996 narrowly avoided a crash but made an iconic save.

Camping at Laguna Seca

Visitors to Laguna Seca love camping right on the grounds. Even during an off-season when no races are occurring, visitors to the track can make reservations to camp among the breathtaking and oak-covered Monterey Hills.
When a race is going on, Laguna Seca’s campground becomes a small village of RVs and tents! Visitors can make a reservation at the Laguna Seca Recreation Area for Premier Event Camping in a variety of locations—six of which are around the track. Some campgrounds even feature picnic tables and barbecue pits for easy cooking, while some offer the comforts of home, from bathroom facilities to hot showers. Arguably the most popular place to camp is the Corkscrew View Campground, which, as the name implies, offers campers incredible track views right next to the iconic Corkscrew turn. 
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