Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine

Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine

  • Canning Properties Group
  • 10/18/19

Share in the Mexican culture and spirit by experiencing Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine at the Monterey Conference Center on Saturday from 5-8:00 p.m., $85 per person and must be 21 years or older. Co-founder, Crystal Murphy describes the event, “It is a tribute to the rich and colorful history of agave-based spirits to celebrate and positively influence it's cultural, social and economic significance.” Star chefs featured are Chef Estavan Jimenez "EJ" and Chef Christina Morales of Rancho Cielo's Drummond Culinary Academy with a handful of students, Chef Adam Young from Monterey Bay Aquarium and Chef Marc Jones with Oak Culinary. Come sip and savor some of the world’s finest brands.

The week picked up slightly from the previous week with 7 closed sales and a larger up tick with 9 new sales reported. Go enjoy some authentic tequila and cuisine and go tour some open houses! For a full recap, please read the full week’s recap below.

A mixed bag of sales closed this week ranging from an active restoration ocean front on Scenic, to a condo in Shepherds Knoll, to a couple semi-typical Carmel cottages under 2,000 sq. ft. A historic eclectic Spanish style home on Scenic sold off market for $6.85m (8.7% off list price); a turn key home on the first fairway of MPCC’s Shore Course, 'Casa Agave' sold for $2.7m (6.4% off list price) after being on the market for almost a year; a coastal craftsman in Country Club West sold after just two months for $2.725m (4.4% off list price); after just a month, a 3-bed 2-bath house in the Golden Rectangle on large lot sold for $2.015m (7.4% off list price); a quintessential remodeled Carmel farmhouse in Northeast Carmel sold for $2m after just 12 days on market (6% off list price); a Carmel cottage near the Mission sold for $1.675m (4.2% off list price) after 109 days on market; and lastly after just a month on the market, a Shepherds Knoll condo sold for list price at $649,000.

The 9 new sales this week was impressive with one in the rare $9m range as well as a stunning estate in Quail Lodge north of $5m. Sales consisted of a Colonial Revival near the Lodge with stunning ocean views (list price: $9,750m; DOM: 357); a stunning estate on the 4th fairway at Quail Lodge (list price: $5,180m; DOM: 141); a private and peaceful escape near the 5th holes at MPCCs Dunes Course (list price: $2.250m; DOM: 52); a light and bright 1,360 sq. ft. Carmel cottage (list price: $1.399; DOM: 13); a typical 1,600 sq. ft. cottage on an oversized 7,000 sq. ft. lot in Northeast Carmel (list price: $1.248m; DOM: 65); a 3-bed 2-bath single level home near the Country Club Gate (list price: $1.225m; DOM: 14); a dated 2-bed 3 bath ocean view home in Carmel Highlands (list price: $1.05m; DOM: 17); a 3-bed 2-bath single level home near the HWY 1 Gate (list price: $949,000; DOM: 58); a small 2-bed, 1 bath small cottage in Northeast Carmel (list price: $915,000; DOM: 69).


Pebble Beach

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 1025 Broncho Road, Sales Price $2.7m (6.4% off list price, 18.1% off original price)
  • CLOSED ESCROW: 1063 Rodeo Road, Sales Price $2.725m (4.4% off list price)
  • CLOSED ESCROW: 48 Shepherds Knolls, Sales Price $649,000 (0% off list price)
  • NEW SALE: 3191 Del Ciervo Road, List Price: $9.750m, DOM: 357
  • NEW SALE: 1175 Arroyo Drive, List Price, $2.25m, DOM: 52
  • NEW SALE: 4106 Sunridge Road, List Price: $949,000, DOM: 58
  • NEW SALE: 1048 Lost Barranca Road, List Price: $1.225m, DOM: 14
  • NEW SALE: 1175 Arroyo Drive, List Price: $2.25m, DOM: 52
  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 82 Homes (Country Club West = 15, Country Club East = 8, Central Pebble = 34, Lodge = 13, Upper Forest = 10), 31 Lots. 


  • CLOSED ESCROW: NE Corner Scenic & 8th Avenue, Sale Price: $6.850m (8.7% off list price) 
  • CLOSED ESCROW: Lincoln 5SW 10th Avenue, Sale Price $2.015m (7.4% off list price)
  • CLOSED ESCROW Mission & 13th, SE Corner, Sale Price $1.675m (4.2% off list price)
  • NEW SALE:: 4th Ave 2 NE of Lobos Street, Sale Price $1.248m, DOM: 65
  • NEW SALE: -0- NW Corner of Guadalupe & 5th Avenue, List Price: $1.399m, DOM: 13
  • NEW SALE: 5012 Monterey Street, List Price: $915,000 DOM: 82
  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 81 Homes (NW Carmel = 16, NE Carmel = 14; SW Carmel = 12, SE Carmel = 10, Carmel Point = 17, Hatton Fields = 11), 10 Lots.

Carmel Highlands

  • NEW SALE: 30772 San Remo Road, List Price: $1.05m, DOM: 17
  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 26 Homes (7 Oceanfront), 5 Lots. 

Quail / Preserve

  • NEW SALE : 7030 Valley Knoll Road, List Price: $5.18m, DOM: 141
  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: Quail Meadows = 4 Homes, 1 Lot. Quail Lodge = 4 Homes, 1 Lot. Preserve = 13 Homes, 52 Lots.

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