Old Monterey Food Tour

Old Monterey Food Tour

  • Canning Properties Group
  • 11/1/19

Take a journey through Downtown Monterey this weekend with the Old Monterey Food Tour while tasting diverse flavors and learning about the area’s history. Taste all local flares including Italian, Greek, and Indian to name a few; try small bites, nitro brewed coffee and other local treats while walking the beautiful coastal town. Tours run Saturday-Sunday starting at 11:00 a.m. at Fisherman’s Wharf and last approximately 3 hours. For $95 per person, all food and beverages will be provided at each stop and a fun-filled informative walk will add to the fun. Rain or shine, come walk and dine!

The week finished near par with 8 closed escrows and 6 new sales reported. Go enjoy some local cuisine and tour some open houses! For a full recap, please read the week’s recap below.

Carmel dominated the closed sales this week with 6 of 8 homes in or near the Golden Rectangle, led by newly built or renovated homes with close proximity to the beach. A spacious newly renovated Carmel beach house two blocks from the beach, boasting Point Lobos views sold off market for $6.35m (9.2% off list price); a newly built 2,500 sqft modern home just a few blocks from the beach in Northwest Carmel sold for $3.75m after 103 days on market (3.6% off list price); a 2016 constructed home in Southeast Carmel with many upgrades sold for $2.475m after 94 days on market (6.6% off list price); a spec play with lots of potential on Carmel Point sold for $1.85m after 132 days on market (15.7% off list price); a 1933 charming 2,057 sqft home in Northwest Carmel sold for $1.575m after 65 days on market (16.9% off list price); an American inspired Colonial in Northeast Carmel sold off market for $1.839m; a mid-century 1,546 sqft home with a circular driveway in Central Pebble sold for $1.15m after 129 days on market (11.2% off list price); an ocean view fixer in Carmel Highlands sold for $1.05m after 17 days on market at asking price.

We continue to see strength in the $1m-$2m range with a few above and below that range. The 6 new sales this week included a 1926 Spanish style homes across from the Dunes Course at MPCC (list price: $4.6m; DOM: 45); a new construction just south of Carmel Woods at 1,509 sqft (list price: $2.025m; DOM: 101); a charming cottage in Northeast Carmel (list price: $1.495m; DOM: 79); a 1927 Carmel cottage with views in Northwest Carmel (list price: $1.495; DOM: 2); a 1963 Country Club East Pebble Beach home (list price: $1.095m; DOM: 110); a recently renovated Shepherds Knolls condo (list price: $678,000; DOM: 411).


Pebble Beach

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 3113 Stevenson Drive, Sales Price $1.15m (11.2% off list price, 17.6% off original price)

  • NEW SALE: 1031 The Old Drive, List Price: $4.6m, DOM: 45

  • NEW SALE: 1091 Sawmill Gulch Road, List Price, $1.095m, DOM: 110

  • NEW SALE: 46 Shepherds Knolls, List Price: $678,000, DOM: 411

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 71 Homes (Country Club West = 15, Country Club East = 5, Central Pebble = 32, Lodge = 11, Upper Forest = 8), 30 Lots. 


  • CLOSED ESCROW: Carmelo 4SE Ocean Avenue, Sale Price: $6.35m (9.2% off list price) 

  • CLOSED ESCROW: Lopez & 2nd NE Corner, Sale Price $3.75m (3.6% off list price)

  • CLOSED ESCROW: NE Corner of Forest & 7th Avenue, Sale Price $2.475m (6.6% off list price; 11.4% off original price)

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 26277 Isabella Avenue, Sale Price $1.85m (15.7% off list price; 28.7% off original price)

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 2NW Dolores & 4th, Sale price $1.575m (16.9% off list price)

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 25275 Randall Way, $1.839m off market

  • NEW SALE: 24676 Guadalupe Street, Sale Price $2.025m, DOM: 101

  • NEW SALE: Lobos 3SW 1st Ave Street, List Price: $1.495m, DOM: 79

  • NEW SALE: NE Corner of San Carlos & 1st, List Price: $1.459m DOM: 2

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 81 Homes (NW Carmel = 15, NE Carmel = 12; SW Carmel = 11, SE Carmel = 9, Carmel Point = 17, Hatton Fields = 10), 11 Lots. 

Carmel Highlands

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 30772 San Remo Road, Sale Price $1.05m, off market

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 26 Homes (8 Oceanfront), 6 Lots.

Quail / Preserve

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: Quail Meadows = 2 Homes, 1 Lot. Quail Lodge = 5 Homes, 1 Lot. Preserve = 12 Homes, 50 Lots. 


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With over 30 years of experience in the Pebble Beach and Carmel markets, they know the market – both the openly listed and discreetly available inventory. Together with their associates, they are uniquely qualified to offer the highest level of professionalism and service on the Monterey Peninsula.